About me…

Living the double life, doing business development for high tech companies (yes, contact me for details) and photography.

It seems I’m constantly evolving and touching different themes (Fashion/Editorial – Model testing – Music/Festival documentary) but I focus a lot on street photography those days.

I can be contacted for commercial, personal and artistic projects, you don’t risk anything asking !

As far as street photography is concerned, it became an integrated part of my life. I try to never leave my house without a camera. As such, I sold all my big and heavy gear (Canon 1DsMIII, 5d’s etc) and switched to Fujifilm (X-T3 and X100F). I recently added the Ricoh GRIII which is always with me.

I am actually looking for models for several projects. When I say model it is both fashion/editorial models (preferably signed in an agency but open to general testing), but also with ‘regular’ people. I will add some details, but if you are open to pose for my camera let me know.  Especially interested in ‘characters’. People with a certain look (wrinkles, scars, extreme freckles, androgynous etc…) are really my favourite !

Aside from my street photography work which you can see when you arrive on my website, you can see work I have done in the past as a starting point. The point is to give you an idea of the different styles I can achieve. But since it is not recent work, I want to expand aside from street photography and explore new areas. Did I already say you should feel free to contact me for any ideas you might have ?