Casting calls !

Model Testing !

Body mapping

There is beauty in the details. (Freckles, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, tattoos etc.)

A series of about 4 to 6 pictures for each person. Each one is a closeup of a body part (forearm, neck shoulders, breast arm pit etc. The pictures next to each other in a photo series shows an partial map of the body. Open to any sorts of models (men, women, any size and shape and age (well 18+) )

Comfortable with *artistic* frontal nudity is important since it is all about the body ! This can be shot anonymously since I don’t need to show a face or a full face


Can you show emotions on camera ? Lets shoot some portraits !

The work on those moodboards is not mine. Sadly I cannot give proper credit to the authors since Pinterest does not give me that info.